Ego Chips


Do you feel like you’re rushing?
Always trying to be somewhere else,
somewhere better, somewhere farer?

Why are we always on the run?
We’re so obsessed with the future that we never enjoy our present.

Never take a moment to truly be, to truly feel. Never indulge in what we truly want.

If your answer to any of the above questions was yes then, stop. Take a breather. Ask yourself – what is it that I truly want? What is the one moment (big or small) when I truly feel one with myself. A collection of all these moments is what makes you who you are.

At Ego, we know that nothing compares to being present, to

truly enjoying doing, being, living.
At Ego, we don’t shy away from desires.
We literally seek our ‘moments’ and indulge our true selves.

As you grow older, you shoulder responsibilities. As you grow wiser, you let go of ‘foolish’ desires.
As you grow, you stop listening to your wants. It’s time to stop stopping yourself. It’s time to seek what satisfies you. A real moment, a real feeling, a real experience.

“But don’t you sell chips?” you may ask.

And we will tell you that our chips are a manifestation of what we believe – seeking, indulging and reveling in the real thing. Our chips taste like real veggies because they are real. Healthy chips that you can truly enjoy without guilt. Chips with unique flavours where every bite feels like a new experience. An experience curated just for you. Join us on the journey to your true self, now